About Marybeth Rothman

My work focuses on portraits of strangers combining orphaned, vintage photographs, abstract drawings and encaustic paint. This examination is motivated by a wish to reclaim these lost and forgotten souls by re-imagining their biographies. My work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the US. I am represented by Tria Gallery, New York, NY and Mark Gallery, Englewood, New Jersey. My home and studio are in New Jersey. www.marybethrothman.com

Exhibiting at Hunterdon Art Museum in Swept Away

I will be exhibiting at Hunterdon Art Museum in this exhibition of 30 American artists curated my Michael A. Giaquinto. At the opening reception I will be giving an informal gallery talk along with exhibiting artists Toby Sisson and Joanne Mattera.

May 18 – September 7, 2014                                                                                      Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ                                                                           Opening reception: Sunday, May 18, 2:00-4:00 pm


ABOVE: postcard artwork by Lynda Ray




Amory Week 2014: Exhibiting at Tria Gallery, Chelsea

Founder of the Hope Valley Men's Club, photo collage, encaustic and mixed media, 60" x 48".

Founder of the Hope Valley Men’s Club, photo collage, encaustic and mixed media, 60″ x 48″.

If you are in town for Armory Week, please add Tria Gallery to your itinerary. I am exhibiting new work at Tria Gallery, 532 West 25th Street, NYC. Thursday, and Saturday, 11am to 6pm, Friday, 12pm to 5pm, and by appointment.

Exhibiting at Tria Gallery In Situ

Tria_in Situ_Feb2014

LEFT: Founder of the Hope Valley Men’s Club, photo collage, encaustic mixed media, 60″x48″. RIGHT: Awaiting the Perfect Moment, photo collage, encaustic and mixed media, 48″ x 60″. ©2014 Marybeth Rothman

It’s going to Spring in NYC this weekend… and a good time to shake off your cabin fever and tour the galleries in Chelsea. I invite you to visit Tria Gallery to see my new work.     Tria Gallery                                                                                                                      531 West 25th Street                                                                                                 between 11th and 12th Avenues                                                                        212.695.0021

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Exhibiting at Frederick Holmes and Company, Seattle WA

On right: Regarding Pearl Street, 40'x36", photo collage, encaustic and mixed media. ©Marybeth Rothman

In the window on the right: Regarding Pearl Street, 40″x36″, photo collage, encaustic and mixed media. ©Marybeth Rothman

I am exhibiting several paintings this month in my new Seattle WA home, Frederick Holmes and Company. When you are in the wonderful Occidental Square neighborhood, please stop by and see my photo collage, encaustic and mixed media portraits along with the work of a stellar group of artists from the gallery.

Frederick Holmes and Company                                                                                        309 Occidental Avenue S                                                                                                Seattle, WA                                                                                                                            (in Occidental Square)                                                                                                            Tel: +1 206.682.0166                                                                                                        Moblie: +1 360.790.1758

Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm                                                                                   Sunday: 11:00am – 6pm Closed Monday, or by appointment 360.790.1758

Three Days, Two Exhibitions, One Studio Visit

……and 720 miles later, I returned from the start of the autumn art season awash in the brilliant color of artists Joanne Mattera, Lisa Pressman and Karen Freedman.

I began my expedition on Saturday, September 8th at the opening of Joanne Mattera’s exhibition Chromatic Geometries, at Arden Gallery in Boston, MA.jm_1-BIG

I was drawn into this exhibition by it’s melodic color, geometry and order. As I approached the surface of the work, it was there I began to understand the poetic language of harmony and discord in the hue and texture. The sharp, straight edge shapes against the softly textured brush strokes became apparent when the light fell across them and revealed this elegant pairing in subtle layers. This discovery drew me the through the exhibition, going in and around the layers, through the play of light to explore the rich and sometimes unexpected chromatic architecture in each of Joanne’s encaustic paintings.


Rummu, 2011, encaustic on panel, 32 x 32″


From the left: Chromatic Geometry 1, 2013, encaustic on panel, 24 x 24”, Chromatic Geometry 2, 2013, encaustic on panel, 24 x 24”

Joanne Mattera’s exhibition, Chromatic Geometries will be up through September 30th at Arden Gallery, 129 Newbury Street, Boston, MA.

Sunday morning I headed south to Philadelphia PA for the opening of the of Lisa Pressman’s Inside Matters at The Rosenfeld Gallery.


Fossil,  oil, 24×24″

On exhibit were both large and small canvases. As I moved through the gallery I realized the dimensions were a mere physical attribute and I could see that every canvas was equally charged with a large complex history.  It became clear to me that the abstract imagery was a narrative that came from deep within the artist. The work pulled me in to investigate the secretive mark making, covered and revealed over and over until the story was told and the light seeped through the rich impasto skin.

The Bounty, oil, 24x24"

The Bounty, oil, 24×24″

The Deep 4, oil, 24x24"

The Deep 4, oil, 24×24″

Lisa Pressman’s exhibition, Inside Matters will be up through September 29th at The Rosenfeld Gallery, 113 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA.

By Sunday evening I was a bit tired from my trek south, but was soon revived by the lavish color and pattern that filled the studio of Karen Freedman in North Wales PA. The studio work space was a carefully considered visual feast of encaustic paint that was mixed, labeled and choreographed to delight the senses.

Freedman_5_Encaustic Workstation2 copy

Of course, the real treasures to be found in this studio were the paintings. Karen’s encaustic paintings drew me in and spun me around the magical mathematics of these improbable spaces that were cut and polished like a precious stone.

The four paintings in this composite photo are each encaustic on panel, 12 x 12. Clockwise from upper left corner Ruche 0352-2,  Ruche 0352-65,  Ruche 0352-64,  Ruche 0352-33

The four paintings in this composite photo are each encaustic on panel, 12 x 12. Clockwise from upper left corner Ruche 0352-2, Ruche 0352-65, Ruche 0352-64, Ruche 0352-33


Ruche Off 0505.51, encaustic on panel, 24 x 20, 2013

Karen Freedman has two exhibitions opening soon: Cerulean Arts Gallery · Studio, 1355 Ridge Avenue Philadelphia, PA, October 30 – November 23 and at the James Gallery, 413 South Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA.

Color Mixing..My Method

color 2Over the years my studio practice has evolved as message influenced medium and conversely, medium influenced message.  I have continued to search, explore, examine,  and combine ideas in various ways, successfully and not.  My art making experience has been organic and wonderfully unexpected. However, my color mixing has been the one factor in my studio practice that has been unfailingly consistent.   —-My method for mixing color for each new painting consists of two to three days of  inspiration, self-loathing and eureka.

Newly Represented on the West Coast

I am pleased to announce that Frederick Holmes and Company is now representing my work in Seattle, Washington.

MbRothman_Frederick Holmes and CoFrederick Holmes and Company-Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art is located in the center of Occidental Square in the heart of historic Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington. Please stop by the gallery to see my work if you are in seattle or visit online.

For more information:

Frederick Holmes and Company                                                                                             309 Occidental Square                                                                                                    Seattle, Washington 98104                                                                                        (Occidental Square)

Phone: +1 206.682.0166                                                                                               Mobile: +1 360.790.1758                                                                                                         @: info@frederickholmesandco.com                             www.frederickholmesandcompany.com