An Evening of Encaustic Paintings, Prints and Sculpture

The October 5th, 2011 opening reception of Kindred Spirits, an exhibition of encaustic paintings, prints and sculpture at Clark University’s Schiltkamp Gallery, was attended by a lively, inquisitive crowd. Toby Sisson  curated the exhibition masterfully. The juxtaposition of the work and beautiful lighting were stunning. Kim Bernard, Lisa Pressman and I gave a gallery talk about our work and there was an engaging exchange between the speakers and audience. After the reception Toby Sisson hosted a wonderful dinner for the artists and a few Clark University Faculty.  Kindred Spirits will be in the Clark University Schiltkamp Gallery,Worcester, MA  through December 12, 2011. Below are installation shots from the exhibition.

Schiltkamp Gallery Entrance

Joanne Mattera

Miles Conrad

Miles Conrad

Kim Bernard

(vitrine) Kathleen Lemoine, ( right and far wall) Marybeth Rothman

Kathleen Lemoine

Donna Hamil Talman

David Clark

(left) Laura Moriarty, (right) Lisa Pressman

Sue Katz

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