Do You Know Alyson B Stanfield?

If you are an artist, you should get to know Alyson B Stanfield aka Art Biz Coach.
The other day, while excavating the debris of many months of intensive studio work preparing for my summer exhibitions,  I found this wonderful list, 15 Steps to Take After Completing an Artwork written and blogged by Alyson B Stanfield. In another life, I will be more organized, or my galleries will get together and gift me with a studio assistant. For now I have the weekly newsletter from Alyson, that pokes and prods me to have a better studio practice. I have on occasion taken some of her online classes, which have been very helpful.
The following is my Mid-Year Resolution:
by Alyson B Stanfield, Art Biz Coach
Finish the Details
– Sign it.
– Add the date.
– Make an identification card for the back or base.
Document It
– Record details in your inventory database.
– Have artwork photographed.
– Name image files according to your standard.
– Add the image to your inventory record for that piece.
– Resize images to three or four standard sizes that you use most often.
– File a copyright claim at if this is part of your practice
Tell People About It
– Blog about the work.
– Edit text from your blog into a descriptive sentence that you can use on your website or    social media profiles.
– Add the descriptive sentence to your inventory base.
– Upload the image to your website.
– Upload the image to any online sales venues you use.
– Share your newly completed work on social media sites.
Thank you Alyson.

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