Newly Represented on the West Coast

I am pleased to announce that Frederick Holmes and Company is now representing my work in Seattle, Washington.

MbRothman_Frederick Holmes and CoFrederick Holmes and Company-Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art is located in the center of Occidental Square in the heart of historic Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington. Please stop by the gallery to see my work if you are in seattle or visit online.

For more information:

Frederick Holmes and Company                                                                                             309 Occidental Square                                                                                                    Seattle, Washington 98104                                                                                        (Occidental Square)

Phone: +1 206.682.0166                                                                                               Mobile: +1 360.790.1758                                                                                                         @:                   


c’est quoi la femme? at Tria Gallery NYC

Thursday, September 13, 2012 was the opening of  c’est quoi la femme? at Tria Gallery  NYC.  It was a great night to be in Chelsea. The Gallery was overflowing throughout the evening with the Chelsea crowd, artists and friends.                                                                                                                  

Video from by O’Delle Abney

Joanne Mattera, Lisa Pressman, Christine Aaron and Krista Svalbonas

I will be exhibiting in c’est quoi la femme? at Tria Gallery with Katheryn Holt, Jean Grangeon, Lauren Bergman, Keun Young Park and Koosuke IRKT Ikeda through December 8, 2012.

Left:  Koosuke IRKT Ikeda,   Lauren Bergman,   Marybeth Rothman

Left: Jean Grangeon,         Right: Marybeth Rothman

Far left:  Catherine Holt,  Koosuke IRKT Ikeda,  Keun Young Park,   Marybeth Rothman                   I need to get a better photo of Katheryn Holt”s painting.


Along with my mixed media portraits, I created a box that asks the viewer to answer the question, What is the question that you want someone to ask you? As a follow up to my recent blog post, Identity Project, this interactive piece has so far, collected many weird, wonderful and thoughtful questions that I will be weaving into my new work.

box: encaustic and mixed media, 22x6x2″                                              Marybeth Rothman

NYC Exhibition Opening September 13th: c’est quoi la femme?

 Tria Gallery                                                                                                                 Opening Reception:  Thursday, September 13,  6-8 pm

Mnemosyne, encaustic and mixed media, 40×40″ ©2012 Marybeth Rothman

NYC Exhibition: c’est quoi la femme?

Tria Gallery                                                                                                                 Opening Thursday, September 13,  6-8 pm

Mnemosyne, encaustic and mixed media, 40×40″ ©2012 Marybeth Rothman

Identity Project

As I continue to explore identity in my mixed media portraits, I need your help. Please answer one or both of the following questions. I WILL NOT reveal your identity if  I use your answer in whole or part, in form or content in my work.  When you post  your answer in the comments section please indicate if I should publish it on this blog or keep it confidential.

THANK YOU for participating.

My Heart Skipped a Beat: Lanoue Fine Art’s Window

Lanoue Fine Art, 125 Newbury Street, Boston MA.    Marybeth Rothman, encaustic and mixed media painting and sculpture. Center: from the “Pilgrim Lake Library Committee” series, “Amaryllis”, 40×40″, 2012.  Right: from the “Bystanders”series, “Rose Marie”, 72.5x26x11.5″, painted en verso, 2012.      © 2012Marybeth Rothman

Lanoue Fine Art                                                                                                                   Lights, Camera, Click….Photography in Contemporary                                                       Art 125 Newbury Street, Boston, MA.                                                                                  June 8 – July 9, 2012

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   My heart skipped a beat when I saw my work in the window at Lanoue Fine Art for their current exhibition Lights, Camera, Click….Photography in Contemporary Art.  I am honored to being exhibiting with the artists  Luciana Abait, June Stratton, Pamela Stretton and Eric Zener. While linked by photography, the exhibited work transforms it’s physical attributes and integrates the photograph into painting, sculpture and mixed works creating a compelling visual conversation

The exhibition closes July 9th.

Left: Marybeth Rothman “Byron Chattlebash”.      Right: Eric Zener “Therapy II”

Opening at Lanoue Fine Art, Boston, MA